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Dog Days of Summer

The sparse week and a half I have to call my summer vacation is too short to describe. But I’ve been squeezing the life out of these past few days and I’m so glad to have been making the best of it. Scrumptious food, interior designing, rekindling friendships, traveling, and everything in-between that LA has to offer. Feeling quite blessed right about now…

Haven’t gotten into blogger mode just yet and am failing to take pictures of my adventures. If you’re curious to at least know where I am, follow me on foursquare (my email for the search is ‘’). Might do a wrap-up post when I’m back in the Berks. Enjoy your summers everyone!

Au revoir.



Oddly a reoccurring artist on my blog is the notorious M.I.A.. Not only do I praise her because of her brash outfits and the runway appeal she has (I think I first discovered her when her old school music played at Marc by Marc), but also because she’s so politically synced. The best part? She’s not one to bitch about world hunger or AIDS relief (See Exhibit 1), but issues that are much more ethical and relating to powerful human relations. Her “concerns” are wars in the Middle East, human trafficking, and, as the new Maya album portrays, the Internet and net neutrality. I probably just broke the hearts of a hundred angry activists, but my point is that her issues are ones that are less televised yet require the same amount of attention. These issues really aren’t ones that a bottomless money world fund can solve (actually, I think money would heighten these problems). What she’s doing is educating the public while entertaining, think: propaganda. So genius on so many levels.

And don’t ask me how ecstatic I was after watching this video. What’s not to love about it? The nostalgic Myspace glittaer texts, bad photoshop jobs (c’mon, we’ve all been there), and tackiness done right. This tongue-in-cheek approach hides the serious topic of online hookups, especially on social networking sites where lots of underage girls hang.

Going along with the theme…

Simplicity of Eggs

My love for basic food will never go away. To me, steaming a big bowl of vegetables or a grilled seasoned sea bass beats heavy dishes with fancy sauces any day. Maybe it’s due to my time-constraint or having to buy all those spices, but I like to keep it simple.

So it’s a no-brainer that hardboiled eggs fall into a daily staple of mine. I don’t mind the calories of the yolk, and you shouldn’t either. Supposedly Australians eat an average of four eggs a day, and I can see why.

There’s actually quite a few (uncomplicated) steps involved when boiling eggs:
1. Place the eggs in pan with cold water and a splash of vinegar. The water should be an inch or two above the eggs.
2. Put heat on high. Close lid.
3. Simmer water when it starts to boil.
4.  Let simmer for 7-10 minutes depending on the number of eggs.
5. Turn off heat and let eggs cool in the water.

An overcooked egg (which is not really a problem) will have a green lining on the outside of the yolk. No big deal. Try not to burn yourself diving into these babies. I have them for breakfast or whenever I think I’m lacking protein in my meals.

More food recipes to come!

Au revoir.

Picking the Brain

Truly I’m the worst possible blogger there ever was. I’m back again! Who knows for how long.

I’ve noticed that pictures are much more effective in a culture with short attention spans. Anything longer than a standard paragraph and *click*, you’re on to the next page. I’m a exactly the same way so don’t deny it. There’s just too much beauty to go around in fashion.

Without further adieu, here are things I’m currently fascinated by:

1. Chris Benz Fall 2010 sketch (from an old post). Reminded me of birds of paradise…

2. Amethyst rocks, especially attached to jewelry. I carry one around with me just for good measure.

3. Going to middle-of-nowhere America on Google Maps. You know… the conservative farming states that disgustingly voted for McCain… Sad to think that such people live in such beautiful locations. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun picking a random spot on the map and exploring.

Middle of Iowa

4. Artist Jeff Koons — a legendary pop art talent. He’s mostly known for his exaggerations of dog balloons. The artist himself claims that there aren’t any hidden meanings behind his work, so I’m not going to think too hard.

5. Music from the Chanel Haute Couture fall 2010 collection was amazing. If you don’t like classical music, don’t bother. Posting one of the songs below:

\”Antennae\” – Timothy Andres

Wish I could share the bajillion other tabs on my browser right now, but I have lots of Marketing to do. Promise to link things more also. I’m sure it’s more legal that way. Here’s to more inspiration posts! 🙂

Au revoir!

All In a Day’s Search

Band of Outsiders – Opening Ceremony
Homegrown crystal heels – Style Bubble

Ace Hotel Sign – We Could Grow Up Together

Au revoir.


PS22 Chorus – Empire State of Mind

Ranting (of Sorts)

So over the past, oh let’s say, month, I have been obsessed with the SS10 Miu Miu collections. I may be like every other blogger out there, but I think I have a legitimate reason to think that it’s my personal superego that likes this collection. Not because they were featured in every single editorial for the last few months, or that it has cute kitties on it. If I were to officially turn into a girl at this moment, there would be little I would change from what I wear now. Oh, maybe wear a skirt, add a few inches in heels, and play with more pastel. That being said, I love collars; I love colorblocking; and I certainly love strange little prints (when I can pull them off). Add in a little twisted element and, seriously what’s not to love?

I mean, what’s better than a bunch of naked ladies on your shirt canoodling with a few cats. Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Au revoir.