Behind Seasons

So lately there’s been a lot of talk in the fashion industry about how seasons are behind. Everyones’ logic makes perfect sense: push collections back one season and let us see what we experience in runway shows. Net-a-Porter CEO Natalie Massenet recently did an interview with The Business of Fashion saying that the simple solution to this problem is to give designers a break for one season, give editors and buyers “previews” of the collection beforehand, and make sure stores are selling presented garments as soon as the looks are exposed to the public. I wholeheartedly agree with this answer and think that this would solve the modern consumers’ dilemma.

The problem started when the Internet exposed us to content as quickly as it did for editors. Now we are able to see live streams and timely tweets of runways, which puts the former duties of fashion editors (of describing simply what was even on the runways in editorials) a democratized duty. A hillybilly from Nebraska could see the same thing as an editor at the exact same time. This extremely powerful revolution has shifted the purpose of runways. And the point of this rant is to emphasize that, currently, runways are only trying to please the older model of fashion. Impressing editors is no longer the purpose of runway presentations, but to appeal to the customer directly.

My only question is… Why are we still trying to implement a system that only makes editors happy, and not the customer as well? We need a shift in business transactions so that it keeps up with the times of instant gratification. Just my two cents

Au revoir.


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