Oddly a reoccurring artist on my blog is the notorious M.I.A.. Not only do I praise her because of her brash outfits and the runway appeal she has (I think I first discovered her when her old school music played at Marc by Marc), but also because she’s so politically synced. The best part? She’s not one to bitch about world hunger or AIDS relief (See Exhibit 1), but issues that are much more ethical and relating to powerful human relations. Her “concerns” are wars in the Middle East, human trafficking, and, as the new Maya album portrays, the Internet and net neutrality. I probably just broke the hearts of a hundred angry activists, but my point is that her issues are ones that are less televised yet require the same amount of attention. These issues really aren’t ones that a bottomless money world fund can solve (actually, I think money would heighten these problems). What she’s doing is educating the public while entertaining, think: propaganda. So genius on so many levels.

And don’t ask me how ecstatic I was after watching this video. What’s not to love about it? The nostalgic Myspace glittaer texts, bad photoshop jobs (c’mon, we’ve all been there), and tackiness done right. This tongue-in-cheek approach hides the serious topic of online hookups, especially on social networking sites where lots of underage girls hang.

Going along with the theme…


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