Fashion Rant: Marc Jacobs FW 2010

By all means, I’m not the type to go on and on and on about collection reviews. I believe the best dressers don’t cover themselves in head-to-toe brands, but experiment with clothes and mix pieces by different geniuses together. That is why I most admire Susie Bubble of StyleBubble and I see her as the epitome of analytical fashion, but this whole can of worms is to be opened in another post!

However, this season’s Marc Jacobs show was highly refreshing, characteristic, and down-right chic by any standard. Upon first glance, I have to admit my automatic reply of, “How unoriginal Marc. Step it up.” But the lucky thing is that I reevaluated the collection, as I and many fashion-obsessed followers do, and discovered that Marc has stepped up the show. So far ahead of his peers, in fact, that he has looped around to the conservative yet basic structure of things.

During Marc’s live stream, I was shocked to see him unveil his shiny, plastic-like models from delicate brown wrapping paper. It reminds me of my favorite knick-knack stores you find every so often. They have $1 goods from all over the world and you can’t wait to make those trinkets part of your home. They wrap them in crinkly wrapper and hand it off to you in a mismatched ribbon. When you take it home, it’s almost like a dream you feel bad about unpackaging.

There was no loud music to cover up the flaws of the clothes (as I believe many designers do). Rather, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” soothed the audience as his figurines one by one built up Marc’s dreamland.  It avoided the “it-girl” trend entirely and put girls back into sensible clothing. Every outfit could work for anyone – whether student, model, Upper East Side snob, or model. In other words, clothes that real people would really wear (shock!).

“We got tired of the whole discussion of modernity and what’s ‘new’ in fashion…” says Marc for

It’s great to see a designer as confident as Marc where he can change up every single season to what appears to be a different girl. Unless his girls are chameleons, they must be so adept and cosmopolitan to create a cult following around his designs. But this leads me to believe that his girls (and, well, guys) are not just a fan of his expert tailoring but more so of his artistic clarity. He damn well knows what he wants and he will not forfeit those ideas.

Here’s to a true artist! Au revoir.

PS: This post is for Anisha, who supposedly likes my writing! Haha!


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