Fashion Rant: All Men Are Not Created Equal

I’ve had many encounters with colleagues who believe this “interest in fashion” is rather stereotypical of me, as a gay man, and that it holds just as much significance to me as anyone. It truly bothers me that some believe my connection with clothes lies solely on the surface level, with others who dress only for appearance. It’s almost as insulting as comparing original Picasso’s with street vendor prints. They’re not rare and hell as not as meticulous as the original. This leads me to my point, that though on the outside there may seem to be a small outward distinction between those who shop for others and those who truly appreciate the craftsmanship of thought-out clothes, we must not be quick to judge what kind of person people are.

I, personally, have made the conscious decision to support artists in fashion. Even though the price tag may be high, there’s a reward in knowing that real hands with dedicated skill were made in the production of a shirt rather than at a sweatshop. There are so many depths, history, and layers to purchasing a single article of clothing, and I feel sorry for those who don’t support that. We support the fair treatment of animals and farmers of the coffee trade, but what about the equally important status of textile manufacturers?

As I personally begin to ponder the fascination I have with clothing, I advise you to think closely about who and what ideologies you’re supporting when purchasing your clothes. May be a difficult path to slash through, but for fashion freaks, there’s definitely a light at he end of the tunnel.

Au revoir.


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