Fashion Rant: Celine SS10

As I slowly start to let go of my spring summer favorites, my mind won’t let me forget the recent Celine show. For those who are unfamiliar with the current situations of the fashion haus, it has started under the creative direction of Phoebe Philo. She left Chloe (for maternity leave) and single-handedly revived the brand. Now, all I can say that she’s stirring the same intentions for this lackluster brand. As the most anticipated return since Tom Ford doing menswear, Philo has already created rupture, at least in my creative vision.

Whether a look consists of 50 pieces or a single dress, my philosophy of a well-styled outfit is its clear vision. Almost blatantly, Philo isn’t afraid to showcase her best hits to come in her first collection. It reminds me of those college essays where you state everything in a thesis and unravel from there.They usually turn out to be the best ones. Neutral colors, utilitarian cuts, no fuss hair/makeup, and creative mix of textures. These techniques were not unfamiliar – as she used them consistently in Chloe to leave her mark. However this time the naive free-spirit is set aside to collect dust and make way for the strong, tough-skinned woman.

This collection is definitely one to stay in the archives.

Au revoir.


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