Fashion Rant: Nick Knight

There’s nothing better than to see fashion portrayed in an even more outlandish version of itself. Photography, to me, is important in bridging an audience in what they would normally never experience. Thus, the person behind the camera, the photographer, has a critical role in reflecting this image through the use of lights, props, manipulation, etc. By no means is it an easy job and I would gladly argue there’s as much artistic vision as making clothes.

Nick Knight, who has been a veteran for some time in the industry, is someone who I see goes above and beyond the normal task of a photographer. Diving into his archives, there are so many photographs that see revolutionary. Not only does he think about the contortions of the human form, he knows precisely the way his audience will view it. By thinking of components inside and outside of the photo, Knight simply creates visually mind-blowing photographs.

His latest projects have been involved in film. With the creation of the Gareth Pugh Autumn Winter 2009 “video runway,” there was a notable boom in this type of visual lookbook in the fashion industry. There’s something dark and menacing, yet enticing, about the reflective black/white contrasts of the video. Truly visionary and difficult to replicate. I was pleasantly surprised at a colorful version of this film titled “Fantasia” for British Vogue.

I love to see such talent being recognized and hope to see more of Knight in reputable fashion mags soon.

Au revoir.


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