Beverly Hills: That’s Where I Want to Be

Ah, going to LA is always refreshing. It really reminded me of the summer when my internship allowed me to roam through the streets and act (sort of) like hot shot. Pretty memorable, notgonnalie.

Panoramic view of Beverly Hills atop a parking structure

First stop with Anisha was Real Food Daily, my favorite restaurant in the world. I’ve successfully converted another nonbeliever to vegan food. Yes, soy beans can seriously be tasty.

Do-It-Yourself studded sweater; Sunglasses, Tom Ford.

An entirely vegetarian taco complete with cashew nacho cheese.

Seitan “steak” with vegan gravy. Not so tasteless, is it?

Yes, we finished our plates!

Reminded me of the Avatar tree.

Next, made our way over to Crumbs Bake Shop for much needed dessert.

Devoured our choice of Raspberry Swirl! Yummmm

Took a few obnoxious photos. There was a beautiful sunset when we leaving the parking structure.

Seriously can’t wait to go back. Countless times before break is over!!

Au revoir.


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