Fashion Rant: End of Spring/Summer 2010

While most carelessly spend their winter vacations getting extra hours of sleep and catching up on TV shows, I spend it rather productively. That is, I make collages of photoshoots that deserve the recognition.

Photography: Craig McDean; Styling: Alex White
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W Magazine did a damn good collage of the best of Spring/Summer 2010 collections. After five months of being tirelessly photographed in every fashion magazine imaginable, these poor garments deserve a rest! To me, these spreads not only praise the sure-rise of supermodels (once again!!), but more importantly honor the diversity of talented designers from the fashion capitals. As these looks are soon to go into the long-forgotten archives of “The Dark Hole of Seasons Past,” I see this photoshoot as a genius round of applause.

Brava & Au revoir.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these pictures. They were taken from W Magazine and I am not trying to claim them as my own. Just trying to show their kick-ass nature*

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