Ugly Sweater Party

The only thing that can get me going after Christmas is a good ugly sweater post-Christmas party. When the suburbs become too mundane, it may be best to just find yourself hanging out with old friends.

A few rules when finding an “ugly sweater”:
1. Make sure it’s not TOO ugly.
2. Joog it up, referring to the accessorizing and alteration of the sweater.
3. Don’t spend more than what you would on a tshirt. Shop thrift.
4.  The rest of the outfit must be fierce.

Thrifted sweater; old suspenders; Jeans, Seven for all Mankind; Boots, Dr. Martens.

Refreshing to meet up with old friends again. I can’t believe I doubted my high school life. It was dull, but maybe I anticipated college too much.

And happy birthday Gaby!

I left out the unflattering pictures of Vanessa in the pictures. Trust me, they’re hilarious. HAHA

Au revior.


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