Wrapping Up

This isn’t the best time to do my very first outfit post on here, but I need to start somewhere. After enduring two weeks of prolonged finals studying, here I stand (rather, type) before you. My test tomorrow is at the dead last time slot for a final and conveniently all my friends have decided to go home as well Everyone’s status is something along the lines of, “DONE! Going home and doing nothing for the next month!” To be quiet honest, that’s the only thing I can ask for right now.

Consequently, any Berkeley student will tell you how he/she dresses when spending the night at the library to catch up on a semester’s work. This is a comfy outfit (that I actually wore in public). Please refrain from laughing.

After countless friends saying they’re too casual to be considered fiercewear (Haha, yes I went there), I’ve come to fact that they’re the best alternative to sweats. Must I add that they’re festive too?

You can see the beautiful tree next to me! Kind of intended, you know, for the holiday season. No biggie. Pictures of it in its lighted glory!!

Ah! Feel so blessed to have a beautiful tree and a warm home to put it in. The decor is concentrated in a white/silver monochrome theme. Cuz I’m cLazY lYke daT.

I’ve asked friends that have visited during the month of December (which unfortunately aren’t many) to write a note or card to put on my tree.

In eighteen hours, this madness will be over. My sister is visiting me and I plan to show her the beauty of a real city outside of the suburbs. More festive pictures coming soon!!

Sweater, Banana Republic; Leggings, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony; Tights (underneath leggings for additional warmth), American Apparel; boots, Dr. Martens.

Au revoir.


2 responses to “Wrapping Up

  1. You wore your leggings!! Cute!
    They look better than I had imagined (which was actually with a matching top >.<).

  2. I see you have a blog too! 🙂

    I LOVE those leggings. AND the fact that you wore them in public. A million times better than the Berkeley/Cal crap that people wear to moffit.

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