Fashion Rant: Intellectual Clothing

I never really thought about clothes until about three years ago. Yes, it’s fun to go shopping and it consumes an immense financial and entertainment portion of our society; but how many people can actually say they consider cut and skillful intellect the most important parts of a garment?

As a necessity, there hasn’t been too much reinvention of clothing. Food, as an example of another necessity, has been molded, twisted, and praised for breaking boundaries to make our lives a little more exciting. There’s a reason French Laundry requires months of reservation in advance and has a fixed cost in the hundreds.

Yeah, you can buy the same pattern that your grandmother used, but what’s the point? Making it innovative is the point. The ones who do it well and meet the demands of the market succeed.

So here comes my overarching conclusion of fashion and my “thesis” that I will return to for years to come:

Celebrate smart designers who think about the ingenuity of their clothes while trying to follow social trends.


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