What every girl should be wearing next season: part I

Jill Sander


Collection Review: BCBG Max Azria SS11

As of 9/12/10 8:55 PM, I’m not ashamed to say the BCBG is my favorite show thus far. The etherial dresses are the epitome of the nude/white trend this season.

For quite a few seasons now, Lubov Azria has proven to be the queen of colorblocking and ease. I interpret their girl as a softer and more downtown version of the Donna Karan customer. Plenty of girls want that clean and easy look, and BCBG definitely gives that to the customer.

Dainty doesn’t even begin to describe how a girl feels in clothes like these (well, I assume). Watch their recorded live stream and you’ll truly see the beauty I’m talking about.


Here’s to more angelic beauty this fashion week!

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My ideal home is a balance of old and new, something with deep history balanced with a one that has barely been exposed.

As for the old, I would go for a Chesterfield couch. It gives off a Parisan vibe and gives an unexpected angle to a sleek room.

William Blake 1780’s Chesterfield couch

Inflatable Chesterfield sofa

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Behind Seasons

So lately there’s been a lot of talk in the fashion industry about how seasons are behind. Everyones’ logic makes perfect sense: push collections back one season and let us see what we experience in runway shows. Net-a-Porter CEO Natalie Massenet recently did an interview with The Business of Fashion saying that the simple solution to this problem is to give designers a break for one season, give editors and buyers “previews” of the collection beforehand, and make sure stores are selling presented garments as soon as the looks are exposed to the public. I wholeheartedly agree with this answer and think that this would solve the modern consumers’ dilemma.

The problem started when the Internet exposed us to content as quickly as it did for editors. Now we are able to see live streams and timely tweets of runways, which puts the former duties of fashion editors (of describing simply what was even on the runways in editorials) a democratized duty. A hillybilly from Nebraska could see the same thing as an editor at the exact same time. This extremely powerful revolution has shifted the purpose of runways. And the point of this rant is to emphasize that, currently, runways are only trying to please the older model of fashion. Impressing editors is no longer the purpose of runway presentations, but to appeal to the customer directly.

My only question is… Why are we still trying to implement a system that only makes editors happy, and not the customer as well? We need a shift in business transactions so that it keeps up with the times of instant gratification. Just my two cents

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aCt da fOoL

Proenza Schouler FW 10 Video by Harmony Korine

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Why American friendships suck

During my crammed summer in Berkeley, I guess I did learn a thing or two. For one, I learned that the fucking weather never really changes even in the summertime. Also, where this post will eventually lead, is that the way most Americans approach close relationships is almost a sure fire way to break them.

When compared to the French, Americans are more concerned with personal space, too considerate of others’ emotions, and cautious in all aspects. We like to think of ourselves as individualistic–that each and every one of us is autonomous. We know all the right answers to our problems. Is this a generalization? Yes. But applicable? Hell yeah. Whenever I ask someone for a second opinion, I find myself scrutinizing that it if it conflicts with my own. Then I think to myself, ‘Why did I ask that in the first place? I knew my choice was the one I wanted all along…”

Now to cure this bad American habit of ours, sadly, there’s nothing we can do (instantly). No prescription drug can make a neighbor more attentive. The fact of the matter is that we have to start with ourselves. As with all actions, it’s definitely easier said than done. We have to graciously start letting people ease into our comfort zones. Today, I gave a close friend a key to my apartment and welcomed him whenever he needed. I’m clearly aware that he can A) find my embarrassing stuff, B) make copies of the keys, and/or C) abuse my invitation. But trusting a friend and yourself (to know that you’re making the right decision) slowly breaks away at the “Look at me, me, me!” mentality Americans have internalized. At least mentally, I want to have mutually beneficial relationships. My only hope is that the generosity and openness catches on like bacteria…. er like the good kind that’s in yogurt and stuff.

Hey a guy can dream, can’t he?

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Fashion’s Night Out 2010

I’m doing that thing again where I open up a bajillion tabs and expect them to just feed into my brain. Oh well, I’m just curious.

For Fashion’s Night Out, I’ve planned my trip down to LA to celebrate. Planning to visit Opening Ceremony’s Parisian outdoor flea market, a private party hosted by my former workplace (grilled cheese truck? nomnom), and ride the Rodeo ferris wheel. Any other LA shenanigans I should know about?

In the meantime, check out this cheeky yet awesome psa of thin adolescents with thick accents trying to make you feel good about shopping…

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